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The sponsors of United Wire Industries (Pvt) Ltd. are well known businessmen of Nishter (Brandreth) road and are dealing mainly in wire mesh under the style of Afzal Machinery Stores since 1951. United Wire Industries (Pvt) ltd. was incorporated on 29th of January 1986. Its registered office is situated in the first Floor of Khanna Building. 46 Nishter road, Lahore and factory at 19/20 Kilometer, Lahore - Sheikhupura Road, Lahore.

Production of G.I. Wire in size range of 22 to 32 SWG was started in 1988, with the technical collaboration of SCMEC China. The quality is being accepted by the wire netting industry without reservation. Wire is manufactured by the most modern electro-galvanising process. Subsequently, Hot-dipped galvanising process was also introduced for thicker gauges. In 1990, the production of Carbon Steel Wire, Armour Wire, bead wire and spoke wire was also started.

In 1992, the unit was further expanded and with the introduction fo German Machinery, started manufacture of high carbon steel wire, prestressed Concrete wire and stand. Technical assistance was provided by NMCP, the world-renowned organization in this field. High Carbon Steel wire is accepted by all spring manufactures as quality product and prestressed wire and strand is used by the most prestigious projects like “ Lahore – Islamabad Motorway project” and other National building projects, because of its quality and timely delivery. The product was got tested by the project consultants in Australian and Belgium laboratories and was found meeting the standards of ASTM A-416.

Innovative developments are essential to achieve the objectives such as higher output and economy. At United Wire, scope for innovation is ensured and new ideas are always viewed with an open mind. Future challenges will be mastered by continually ensuring that the factory and the office facilities, the means of communication and planned developments reflect tomorrow’s demands.

                                                                                             MOHAMMAD AKRAM SHEIKH:( DIRECTOR)


Cold Heading and Forging Wires

Cold heading is a specialised process that requires very special wire. At United Wire we have worked closely with our customers in the cold heading industry over the years to ensure that we supply this very special wire.

Size availability
Heat treated 2-16 mm
Drawn wire 2-16 mm
Surface finish:
  Lime coated. 

Mild Steel Wire

Supplied in either direct drawn. Inter-annealed or final annealed condition.
Suitable for all low-carbon, Non-hardened applications.
Size availability: 0.3-16 mm.

Wire Cloth and Welded Wire mesh

Wire cloth in stainless steel, galvanized iron and other materials. Wire screens for vibrators, crushers and graders etc:

Size availability:
Upto 400 mesh per linear inch width from 2 Ft to 12 Ft.

Barbed Wire

Commercially galvanized,
Heavy galvanised,

Concertina barbed wire

Heavily Galvanised Cable Armouring Wire

Size availability: 0.9 - 3.15mm.

Stitching Wire

Round or flat
Galvanised or copper coated
Size availability: 0.4 – 2.5 mm.

Wire for Industrial Purposes

Made of low carbon or high carbon Drawn, polished, round flat, profiled
Soap drawn, wet drawn.
Annealed, galvanised at finish size, galvanised redrawn, phosphate coated in catch weight coils.


Commercially galvanised chain-link fencing, heavy galvanised chain-link fencing,
Hexagonal wire netting.

Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced

Available in all grades and sizes meeting ASTM requirements.

Cycle Spoke Wire

For bicycle and motorcycle spokes.

Galvanised Core Wire and Strands for ACSR Conductors

Size availability: 7/1.57, 1.5 – 4.00 mm.

Wire and Wire Products for Reinforcement of Elastomers

Reinforcement of tyres,
Steel cord, bead wire,
Reinforcement of hoses,
Hose wire, hose strand.

Galvanized wire

Commercial or heavy galvanized wires both as elector galvanized and hot-dip galvanized, in mild-steel or high carbon steel.

Size availability: 0.3 – 16 mm
Typical Usage:
Binding Wire, Lightening Conductor Wire, Fencing Wire, Tying Wire, Mesh Wire, Baling Wire,
Line Wire.

Prestressed Concrete Wire and Strand

Prestressed Concrete Wire cold drawn with smooth or indented surface
Bright, galvanised, in coils or stress relieved.

Size availability: 3 – 8 mm
Stress relieved 3 wire or 7 Wire strand in sizes from 6 mm to 20 mm, bright galvanized in spool less coils or on wooden spools.

Stainless Steel Wires

According to DIN or AISI
Bright annealed, soap drawn, wet drawn, in coils or on spools.
Size availability: 0.1 mm to 4.00 mm

Mechanical Spring Steel Wire

Round, flat, drawn, patented and drawn
Size availability 1 – 11 mm. 

Cold heading and forging wires, bedding and seating wires, High Carbon steel spring wires, High tensile galvanised wires and strands, stitching wires, plating quality wires, Hose reinforcement wire, Galvanised wire, Black annealed wires, Concertina barbed wires, Baling wires, Bright hard drawn mild steel wire, Concerete pipe reinforcement wire, galgvanised fencing wires and strands, chain link fencing, barbed wire, wire mesh, prestressed concrete wire and strand, stainless steel wire, bead wire, spoke wire, ACSR Conductor.
























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