Our Products

Industrial Wire

Industrial wire is available in diameters 1.4 mm to 18 mm and in steel grades from AISI 1005 to AISI 1085. To ensure leadership in the market, we continue to pursue improvements in manufacturing process and operating costs in order to establish new standards and deliver improved value to customers.
Industrial wire jis 3521

Spring wires

Spring wire is produced to DIN and BS standards, used primarily for bed spring, seat spring, automotive spring, machinery Spring applications is supplied to all major spring manufacturers in Pakistan. The product is available in standard coil sizes within the required tensile strength in JIS, BS and DIN standards. Size range from 1.4mm to 18mm.
Related Industry: Automotive, Machinery, Mattress

Spoke Wire

We produce high carbon wires for motorcycles, bicycle and auto rickshaw spokes. The wire combines high hardness with good tensile strength to create excellent impact resistance.

Size Range : 2mm to 4mm

Bailing Wire

Bailing Wire is used to bind rectangular bales of cotton, hay or straw size. Size range 1.6mm to 4mm.

Cold Heading wire

Cold heading wire encompasses a wide range of diameters of low- and medium-alloyed steels. We offer versatile cold heading wire that can be utilized for a full spectrum of industries. With our cold heading wire we are a reliable partner to the automotive supply industry, the mechanical engineering and metal construction industries, and experts for special applications.

Foldable Mosquito Net Wire

We are the pioneers to develop the wire used for making foldable mosquito nets. It is available in all sizes and grades.