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PC wire (Plain or spiral surface)

United Wire is one of the biggest producer and supplier of Low relaxation Prestressed Concrete (PC) wire in Pakistan. We produce PC wire in coils or bars cut to length, plain or spiral surface. This wire is widely used for manufacturing concrete girders for roof tops and boundary walls, Railway concrete sleepers, Concrete pipes, etc.

We are able to offer a wide range of sizes and grades as specified in ASTM A-421 and GB/T 5223-2014.

astm a421
diagram spiral pc wire

Plain PC wire

Plain PC wire refers to the smooth surface treatment of steel wire, without ribs, not indented. Plain PC wire has low relaxation qualities and high tensile strength (Above 1870 MPA).

Spiral ribbed PC wire

We are the leading manufacturers of Low relaxation spiral ribbed PC wire in Pakistan. This wire surface is not smooth but has spirals. The advantage of this wire is that the spiral ribs can strengthen the grip between wire and concrete, resulting in increased strengthening of PC Construction structure thus extending its life. It is widely used in bridges, crane beams, cement poles for electricity transmission, pre-stressed concrete pressure pipe, multi-factory frameworks, subway, railway sleepers, dams, nuclear power plants, anchor, high-rise buildings and houses etc.